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About Lykki


It’s 2020 and this year, Lykki is celebrating over 30 years in business. Wow, time sure has flown by.

We're so happy you're checking out our "About Us" page.

Seriously, we mean that. :-)

Looking back to the start of our company, cell phones were the size of a brick, fax machines were the fastest way to send documents, the Walkman was all the rage, and a camera could hold 24 photos and you had to wait forever it seemed to see if your picture turned out!

Fast forward to today, and the cell phone in your pocket does all of the above plus so much more – all in one convenient package. It reminds me of the day I had that “ah-ha” moment to create Lykki. It happened as I was walking in downtown Vancouver and noticed an office tower loading dock that was crowded with delivery trucks. Different suppliers were bringing, office supplies, coffee, paper, toner, water and groceries. It looked so inefficient. I wondered, “Why not just have one truck deliver all the stuff an office needs?” Wouldn’t that be more convenient for the customer and create less traffic congestion?

So in 1989 with a $5,000 loan from Grandma (thanks again Gran) our single source concept was launched. I’m proud to say after 30 years our mission is stronger than ever.

Save businesses time and money when they order everyday supplies. Reduce the number of trucks on the road while delivering a little office supply happiness.

We are so grateful to work with thousands of incredibly loyal customers who share our same vision . So a heartfelt thank you from Lykki to all our past, present and soon-to-be customers!

At Lykki, we run a smooth, efficient "everything for your office" machine. We make your online shopping experience super convenient and super quick. It's also risk-free, thanks to our "No Policy" Policy, 365 Returns and Happiness Guarantee.

This year we’ll be launching some of the most exciting products and services in our history. Give us the opportunity to live up to our name and you won't be disappointed!

Lykki - Delivering Office Supply Happiness!

Calvin Johnson
Chief Energizing Officer -

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