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E-Procurement? What's That About?

E-Procurement? It's just our fancy way to organize all of your important lists, files and past purchases in one place. We've programmed some useful tools into our Lykki website and customers have told us that they make shopping with us easier and more streamlined.  By registering with, you'll benefit by being able to take advantage of this powerful account management tool. From creating shopping lists to setting up purchasing authorizations our E-Procurement tool helps solve the challenges that businesses face in today's fast-paced business environment.

By creating your E-Procurement account now, you'll gain access to powerful tools:

  • Easy reordering with a past purchase list
  • Set purchasing budgets & authorize users
  • Create approved lists for quick reordering
  • Keep track of all your purchases & track your orders
  • Free Next Business Day Delivery on orders over $75
  • Multiple ship to and billing addresses
  • Budgeting and reporting tools
  • Many more cool tools…

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