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"No Policy" Policy

At Lykki, we believe that if we all play nice, we can eliminate the need for hard and fast rules. Think about it. The only time we tend to squint our eyes and read the small print is when a service provider disappoints us. Well, here’s a radical thought: Avoid disappointment; avoid the need for small print!

Sure, we have a few guidelines around shipping, returns, credits, and other aspects of our business, but all that good stuff is disclosed front and centre in our FAQ section. We believe our customers are reasonable people who don’t ask for a lot. Respect, honesty, warmth, the chance to speak with a live human being when you call – it isn’t too much to ask, or too much for us to deliver. No policy required.

At Lykki, we get it. Happy, life-long relationships aren’t built on rules; they evolve over time with a little give and take. We’re in this for the long haul, so come along and enjoy the ride. Who has time to read all that boring mumbo jumbo, anyway?

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