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Hi Loyal LYKKI Customer!

We’re adding to our team and we thought you might know someone. Do you have a friend or family member who has a great attitude, has incredible WOW customer service skills, and is looking for a great company to work for? If you do, send them our way! If we hire them LYKKI will send you $500 as a big giant Thank You.

Top 4 Reasons to join LYKKI:

  1. Profit Sharing, Parties and other cool benefits
  2. Fun Happy Culture driven environment
  3. We sell Food, Beverages and Office Supplies – stuff every office needs
  4. Here for the long haul - 30 years in business and all Canadian Owned

Customer Service


Super Star Customer Service Person

Office Supplies, Candy, Snacks, Food, Coffee, Beverages and Bananas delivered to Offices. Find that and you'll find us. There are over 30 of us working at - caring for thousands of Vancouver's best businesses, delivering supplies and offering fanatical customer service. We're an eCommerce company connected to the B2B consumable business products industry so our customers buy from us over and over again, and we like that. It's a competitive industry but we have lots of incredible things our customers love about us -- that's why they keep coming back - that's why we have been in business since 1989.

A day in Customer Service at Lykki might look like this:

Good Morning!

Get your coffee, say good morning all around the office and then jump into the morning huddle to share what success you are having or any stuck points. Possibly others need help so you raise your hand, you get your hands dirty and do whatever needs to be done. It's an all-for-one family atmosphere -- not some big company where you're a number.

Next, back to your cubicle you have decorated to show your own personality and put on your wireless head set and boot up your dual monitors and log into the phone system. 3-2-1- GO!

You take and ask for orders, quote items, up sell, follow up on shipments, process returns and respond to chats online. You remember all the little details about fanatical customer service (like always being the last person on a call to hang up) and offer it consistently with passion. This is why you love the career you have chosen and our customers love you.

As a digital native, technology is your best friend and you breeze thru the tools on your desktop. You jump between Outlook, our website, chat, delivery software and our customer management system to make some magic. You send emails, talk about current specials, follow up on calls, sing happy birthday to customers, search new opportunities and find ways to WOW customers. You write great emails, speak and deal well with other humans easily and professionally and are just plain fun to be around.

Next it's off to a vendor training session or a lunch time service/sales skills session to learn more about products and to sharpen your product knowledge. There is always more to learn and you soak it up like a sponge.

Whew, the day is almost done but you are still bouncing with energy and pull off an amazing quote for our Outside Sales Team and fire off a dozen outbound calls to customers introducing our newest product or service. No time for clock watching -- you are on a mission to crush your quota and win this weeks contest or spiff ($$$). A little competition is a always fun in the service department.

Your Past Life.

Let's look at your experience and work history. Your exact designation or years of experience are not that important to us. Your passion, ambition, drive and who you are as a person are first and foremost what we look for. We cant train for attitude.

Next we look for experience in sales and customer service. Dealing with customers in person or on the phone, selling products, problem solving experience and.....generally being an awesome person are all pros for us. We will train and invest in the right candidate.

Oh, one more thing, no Prima Donnas or Lone Wolves, no fancy or negative people need apply. We all do the work as a team in this company from the CEO on down and we like it that way. Your references and personality will be a major determining factor because Corporate Culture at Lykki is #1 and we only want to add the right people on the bus that will be a great long term fit. The pace is fast and the atmosphere is fun. If you're willing to toss your hat in the ring, please contact us.

The Money and more...

This is a full time career position. We expect you to put in the effort where and when they are needed to set and keep the pace but we also recognize work life balance, family and travel is important. We are slower at Christmas, spring break, summer and shut down a few times a year for four day long weekends. Pay is mid range for now but the opportunity is there for much more. Good benefits, profit sharing, nice holidays, start date, yesterday.

Your Data.

We're in Coquitlam and just moved into our awesome new LykkiPlex and we're ready to hire. Send a memorable cover letter and resume. If you want to move to the top of the application stack -- add a video (seriously). Last posting we received over 100 applications so do something to stand out if you are a superstar.

About Us:

Smile :-)

Lykki -- (Say -- "Lie-Key" a take on the Danish word for Happiness)
At Lykki, we live to make everyone happy - by giving easy access to the little things in life that bring a business joy, like the perfect ballpoint pen, file folders in your favorite color, or the newest, yummiest Keurig coffee flavor.

We've been working with business customers in the Lower Mainland for 25 years, and we feel pretty good about the innovations we've brought to our business. From binders to bananas, popcorn to paper, our warehouse is stocked with thousands of items in every style, color, shape and brand. But there's more to us than just office supply products. Today Lykki is revolutionizing the way customers order office supplies with aggressive expansion plans and unique concepts in this 80 billion dollar office products industry.

At the heart of this revolution is our Business Service Centre, which runs on cheerfulness and hospitality. Our Core Values LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH, LEARN anchor our culture as we collectively put our dent in the universe.

Don't be fooled by our good nature. We're not just busy being nice. We run a smooth, efficient 24 hr office supply distribution machine. We make the online shopping experience super convenient and super quick. It's also risk-free, thanks to our "No Policy" Policy, 365 Returns and Happiness Guarantee.

Providing the very best customer experience is what we're all about.

Lykki - Delivering Office Supply Happiness!



To apply for these positions please send your resume to: Calvin — email



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