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ONE BOX - Lykki for Good Project

Drop In. Help Out.

The need for donations has never been greater. With over 28,000 people using an assisted program in Greater Vancouver, we saw a great opportunity to help those that are in need.

Our newly developed ONE BOX project, allows you, our customers, to donate within their own offices, and help deliver happiness to those that need it most.

To see just how you can help impact a persons life, here’s some numbers to help put into perspective just how much the need for essential food and clothing there is.

    - 26% of the people that use a food bank are children and 18% are seniors
    - The number of homeless has increased by 5% since 2012 to 2,777.

Benefits of the ONE BOX program

    - Make a difference in your community
    - Keeps your office clean
    - Employee participation and gratification
    - An opportunity to be part of delivering happiness 

Where do the donations go?

Food donations will help fill the shelves at local food banks, and the clothing and other items go to local shelters and charity groups and get distributed amongst the people who need them.

How Does it Work?

    1) You request or order your FREE ONE BOX
    2) Lykki delivers the ONE BOX to your office and sets up a space
    3) You put in your recyclables and donations indicated on the instructions
    4) Once your box is full, or when Lykki delivers to your office, we’ll replace your box
        and take away your current one
    5) You’ll receive a ‘Report Card’ to show just how much you’ve helped in
         your community

What Goes in the ONE BOX?

Metal Products:
   - Any and all items that are 100% metal that will fit in your tote: metal stapler, keys, paperclips, thumb tacks, metal cutlery from kitchen
   - Any and all beverage containers along with tin and Aluminum cans.
   - All electrical cords, cables etc.

    - Alkaline and Rechargeable batteries (all rechargeable batteries need to have their terminals tapped)
    - Lights (All kinds of light bulbs)
    - Any Toners and Ink cartridges
    - Catalogues and Packaging Materials (Any catalogues, packaging material, shrink wrap)

Electronics and small appliances
    - Any and all electronics or appliances that come with a cord or a battery.

    - CD’s and DVDs (have to be removed from their cases)

    - Clean and gently used clothing.
    - During the winter season, the charities are especially asking for:
         - Jackets
         - Mitts/Gloves
         - Scarves
    - ‘NEW’ Socks

   Non-Perishable Foods
   The most needed items are:
    - Protein meat/fish/beans
    - Natural Peanut butter
    - Whole Wheat Pasta/Rice
    - Canned Fruit & vegetables
    - 100% Fruit Juice
    - Low Sugar Cereal
    - Infant Food & Formula 

Gently used office supplies
    - Any gently used office supplies – binders are good to donate

What does NOT go in the ONE BOX

    - Homemade items
    - Items that contain alcohol
    - Expired food
    - Opened packages of food


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