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Chapter 1-
It all began with a loan from grandma.

The Lykki story and its roots can be traced back to 1989, when Duran Duran topped the charts and the Simpsons' first episode aired on TV. Company founder Calvin Johnson, started delivering office supplies when he was 20 years old. The "ah-hah" moment for Calvin happened after noticing the parking lot of an office building jammed with delivery trucks. There were different trucks delivering coffee, water, milk, toner, paper, janitorial and office supplies, all jockeying for space at the loading dock at the same time! The wheels of a true entrepreneur started turning. To Calvin, this seemed so inefficient, costly and bad for the environment. "What if a company existed that could deliver everything an office needed at the same time? That would be so much more convenient for the customer and for Mother Earth." So, with a $5000 loan from Grandma, a beat up pickup truck and a hand typed catalogue of 100 office supply products – a company was born! The name chosen by Calvin was "Costless Express" as a way to show customers a commitment to low prices and fast service. 

Over the years Costless Express grew into a successful catalogue and Internet retailer of "Everything for your office." A selection of over 40,000 products from basic office supplies to coffee, beverages and even fresh fruit and birthday cakes were sold. Costless Express has served thousands of happy loyal customers and delivered over one million orders. From day one, Calvin’s commitment to the community, the environment, customer service, and people, has shaped the company into something special.

Chapter 2 -
What gets you out of bed in the morning?

After 24 years of successfully operating Costless Express, a business associate asked Calvin the question, "What gets you out of bed in the morning?" Upon some deep reflection and consideration, it was obvious to Calvin that selling office products was simply the vehicle that allowed Costless to serve a greater purpose. Over the years a passion had blossomed within Calvin and in the company towards creating an organization full of Heart, Soul and Purpose. This mission of "Karmic Capitalism" grew and evolved over time but clearly was driven by a commitment to building a People First Company.

In 2012, Calvin wanted a way to outwardly celebrate this purpose and to highlight these values. The name Lykki (Lie-Key), derived from the Danish word for Happiness, was chosen to replace Costless Express. The mission through Lykki is still to offer an exceptional customer experience as a preferred office products supplier, but the deeper purpose is to energize people and to bring our Work Happy culture to businesses far and wide. After 24 years we're proud to unveil the name Lykki, as the embodiment of a core purpose to put People First and to infuse a little happiness in the world. For Calvin and the employees at Lykki, there's no better reason to enthusiastically jump out of bed in the morning!

We're Lykki, and We Deliver Office Supply Happiness!

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