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365 Day Returns Freedom

Sometimes, the truest sign of friendship is displayed in the littlest gestures. Whether it be a neighbor collecting your mail while you’re away on vacation, or a concerned phone call asking if you’re OK because you’ve been missed at the gym. It takes a lot of little gestures to cement a friendship.

At Lykki, we think that with our Happiness Guarantee , No Policy Policy , and Certified Low Pricing, we’re a good friend to have around. We brainstormed together and thought to ourselves, is there anything else we could offer? What crazy and outrageous thing could we do to really convince you that we’re all about service, friendship, and making your life a little easier?

Then it came to us, 365 returns. That’s a full year to return unwanted products and supplies. It’s a bold move, and from our research, something that nobody else even comes close to offering, but we thought why not? There are some guidelines to returns that apply, but they aren’t onerous, and they are basically common-sense requirements. (E.g. A returned item must be in its original unmarked box and in re-saleable condition, and we can't return custom orders like personalized birthday cakes or business cards. See the full guidelines here). If you haven’t tried Lykki yet, what’s holding you back? Try us out and we hope to see you at the gym soon!

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