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Lykki Totes

Whenever possible we deliver in our reusable blue Lykki totes!

Our totes are sturdy and keep your order safe, clean and dry. Best of all, we can reuse them over and over!

Do you have some Lykki totes kicking around? You can help us keep it green by returning it. We can pick it up with your next order, or we can arrange a special pickup at your convenience.

Twice Loved Packaging

We shamelessly ship in reused packaging!

Would you be surprised if you ordered binders and pens from Lykki, and it came in a box that said Paper Towels? Please, don't be!

After all, it's what's inside that counts, right?

You see, at Lykki, we reuse, repurpose and recycle the cardboard that comes through our facilities whenever we can. It's a little thing that we can do to reduce the amount of waste that we produce, and to be environmentally responsible. After all, boxes don't grow on trees!

So please don't be surprised if our cardboard boxes look a little ugly sometimes, or if they have some odd labels here and there. Our boxes are working extra hard to help save the trees we love.

Keep an eye out  for Twice Loved labels on our re-used boxes.

It doesn't have to end there! If you can, please recycle our boxes when you're done with them... give them back to our drivers... or keep them going and re-use them yourself!

Twice Loved
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